Cory Moore

What's Up!!

Site is down right now because I'm working on a new one. I'm not working really hard or fast on it but I am working on it none the less. Check back every so often and see if I have stoped procastinating long enough to get anything done.

Here is some other stuff

Backbone Skills

I have been boneing up on my Backbone and Laravel (which rules BTW) skills. This site will be implemented using both of those technologies. Stay tuned, hopefully it won't suck.

Mobile Development

With services like Wix, SquareSpace and others, getting general web development work is likely to become much harder. In light of this I have been spending a lot of time developing my mobile development skills. Currently I am researching PhoneGap, TriggerIO and Appcelerator . All of them have their pros and cons naturally. I like PhoneGap because it's not only basically the open source Cordova framework, but it is also actively developed and promoted by Adobe. It has decent command line tools, but requires some configuration to be able to test code. Trigger looks very promising and their site is awesome. I just started looking into it so I can really comment to much on it. Appcelerator is really nice. It has a free Eclipse (Aptana) based IDE and gets closer to native then the others. However, you have to learn it's conventions to be able to develop with it. You just can't use regular HTML5, Javascript and CSS3.

Getting Less Fat

Yup. Constant effort. Constant failure. Vicious cycle.

Objective C

I really am trying to get better at Objective C. It's just weird comming from PHP and Javascript.